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How to carry out parent-child games

Children are still exploring the things around them. New things can make them interested. How to develop the game specifically, do the following:

1. High-quality activity environment

To develop a game, we must have a good environment and space for children to fully appreciate the fun of the game. If parents are able to help children to leave a small space, separated by curtains, or can set up a special event environment for him.

2. A good psychological environment

When developing, pay attention to creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere for the baby so that they can feel the reciprocity of their relationship. Some behaviors must not be possible: For example, some parents like to put their own thoughts on the children. The demands are too high; use brutal methods to communicate or tease them instead of treating them equally.

3. Quality game content

The game should meet the children's abilities and interests. It is best to start from the children's daily life. The control of large muscles, such as small classmates, is developing at a rapid rate, and the control of the brain's small muscles is increasing at the age after the upper class. Parents can design based on these characteristics as a starting point. The baby who is currently in the small class is in a language-sensitive period and likes to explore. Parents can design some interesting activities such as “spring rolls” from these points. When they arrive in middle classes and large classes, parents can design small games. Come to exercise the child's ability to control the fine movements, such as "pick fruit", "to pick beans" and so on.

4. Respect children's heart

Throughout the process, children may have their own discovery and creation, and parents should respect and cherish it. The games that were originally prepared are "chasing and confusing," but the children suddenly became interested in the small trees next to them. At this time, parents should flexibly change the game content according to the children's interests. In this way, children will feel that their ideas, ideas have been recognized, confidence and interest will be greatly improved.

5. Prepare a suitable toy

The appeal of toys is great for children. If the right toys are selected in the game, the value of the game can be improved. In terms of choice, parents should pay attention to whether they have educational significance, whether they have a sense of art, and whether they are safe and affordable. A good quality toy should be: changeable, can improve children's hands-on and creative ability; material is reliable, non-toxic and non-hazardous; have a sense of beauty or can cultivate children's love, can enhance feelings, such as: dolls, kites and so on. In addition, parents can also make use of home objects to transform, or allow children to participate in the process of transformation, disinfection and then give him to play.

6. Can cultivate good living habits

Some children haven’t developed the habit of washing their hands before meals. Parents can use some jingles to make children feel that washing their hands is an interesting thing.