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The status of parent-child games


The status of parent-child games

Although the spread of parent-child games has become more and more widespread across thousands of households, many families still have problems in the process of playing games.

First, there are no children's play areas in the family. Only toys and books are provided to children.
Second, because parents have no time or disdain, let their children play alone and never participate in children's games.
Thirdly, several simple games are repeated every day. Games like “Tibetan Cats” are often carried out. The changes in unknown parent-child games are various.
Fourth, parents only know the entertainment of the game and neglect education, making the parent-child game a manifestation of love for children. If some parents talk about the child's words, the child asked him to be a horse rider. He stunned the child to ride on his back and waited.

Fifth, parents lack the knowledge to choose toys. Some parents are ignorant about the choice of toys and some of the toys are good, but because parents do not understand children's development, they cannot give the right toys to the right children at the right time. If three-year-old children are given an airplane model that can be pieced together by the age of eight or nine, he cannot of course fight, and this will cause the child to lose interest in puzzles or games similar to jigsaw puzzles.

Parent-child game features:

1. Inspire children's wisdom. This requires that the game activities can both use and develop the children's existing abilities, and they can guide and develop their new abilities.
2. Parents should be able to participate in the game equally with their children. A parent-child game is not a class. Parents can't gesticulate high, but should be participants in the game and be equal to their children.
3. The form of the game should focus on mutual cooperation, parents can naturally trigger the development of children's intelligence. The game designed should allow the baby to actively seek the cooperation of parents, so that parents can naturally teach the baby some knowledge and skills.
4. The whole process of the game must bring fun to both children and parents. Let the children experience the joy of creation and success in the game, and parents can experience the happiness of parent-child communication. Only certain parent-child games are suitable for competitions. Parents should learn more games and integrate parent-child games with specific functions with the daily parenting life so that they can make babies in a rich and happy parenting life. The potential is constantly being developed.