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Attention and listening ability for family game dry goods

Numbers are a group of fascinating little things that can make up a lot of interesting mini-games that not only allow children to master math knowledge better, but also can exercise many of their abilities. Attention is one of the most important games, for example, Dictate the number book game.

Material: A phone number book, stopwatch

1. Randomly open a page of the phone number book, and let the child dictate the above phone number faster than the stopwatch in one minute.

2. Remind your child to listen carefully. The time stops immediately. Then the child checks the right and wrong.

3. Train once a day, only 10 minutes each time. If you complete three pairs in a row, end the training early.


1. The training time must not be long, and it is best to end when the child is still full.

2. Training does not need to set prizes, parents escort training, and is responsible for arranging and reading numbers. After the success, the child’s sense of accomplishment and the cheering and encouragement of father and mother are the best prizes, and it is also possible to have a parent-child relationship. Will be higher.

3. This small game can not only help children's attention but also develop their listening ability.