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Difficulty for children's jigsaw puzzles will be children's favorite!

jigsaw puzzles have a degree of difficulty. The hundreds of thousands of puzzles that our adults play are not suitable for children to play, and excessive difficulty will eliminate their enthusiasm. Therefore, the jigsaw that matches the baby's ability is what parents should do.

I introduce 3 puzzles to you, all from the British ORCHARD, covering children from 1 to 5 years of age according to their degree of difficulty. Let's introduce these three puzzles.

01 Overview

First of all, these three puzzles were originally imported. Made in Britain is evident on the box.

Their material is cardboard. Although cardboard does not sound very strong, it actually works well and is light and strong. In the past, I also ran orbital toys in their homes. Even track-like toys that were easy to wear were made of cardboard. Naturally, the puzzle was nothing to miss.

Two of these three puzzles are winners:

There is 4.9 points of praise in Indo-Asia:

In summary, these three puzzles are indeed excellent products regardless of their award-winning experience or market feedback. Below we set a detailed introduction.